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    Sector 15, Gurugram-122001, India

We, at Mahattattva, believe in a research-led approach to educational excellence. Our team consists of dedicated educationists who have devoted themselves to achieving best practices in education as well as keeping abreast of new innovations. The Mahattattva team guides best practices and continuous improvement programmes informed by the latest thinking in teaching and learning, ensuring our clients the finest educational experience.



To empower and equip leaders and teachers with the necessary skills


To enable the students to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally


To support school administration and evolve systems and policies


To provide an enabling environment for collective growth



Vertual Class Rooms

School Set-Up

Setting up new schools, building capacity of existing schools and developing existing school systems

Curriculum Development and Support

Providing strategy, planning and implementation support for curriculum development to enrich teaching-learning

Thought Leadership

Providing thought leadership in the field of Educational Technology through our domain experts

Technology Integration for Creativity and Innovation

Integrating technology for innovation in education

Monitoring and Evaluation

Designing dynamic tailor-made Monitoring and Evaluation solutions to enhance evidence-based decision-making

Teacher Professional Development

Conceptualizing and designing opportunities to support the continuous professional development of teachers

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"

Margaret Mead

Our Verticals

Mahattattva provides consultancy for setting up new schools through the expertise of our staff. From conducting feasibility studies in order to understand the viability of a project, to providing support required for project planning, regulatory and compliance related procedures, developing academic and non-academic policies and executing the strategy, we deliver an array of services to establish successful schools.

Centre for School Management

Empowering New and Existing Schools

International Center of Digital Leadership

Thought-Leadership in Technology

Centre for Monitoring & Evaluation

Constructive Feedback for Further Development

Centre for Teacher Professional Development

Continuous and Sustainable Support

Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Skills for the Future

Empowering Schools Across the Nation Our Services